Lightrim Wedding Video Packages


Are you looking for perfect video and wedding photos? We are LIGHTRIM, taking pride in building long term relationships with our customers and providing them with alternatives, therefore, we offer three different wedding Video Packages.
Since we put customers first, couples can set up an appointment for a pre- wedding consultation over a cup of coffee. It gives them the opportunity to clearly express their vision, so we offer them the right video package.
Our first two packages cost 750 and 900 pounds. While the custom package starts at a minimum 300 pounds.
Package number one: The video recording includes a full ceremony day, starting with bride & groom preparations all the way to first dance and cutting a cake. A professional cameraman with a video light camera on top of a tripod camera moves around the dance floor to shoot every possible angle of your special day. That is good enough for smaller celebrations that don’t need a second camera.
On the other hand, the second package offers two viewpoints - to capture the entire wedding atmosphere. One camera stays with the Bride & Groom all the way to cutting the cake, while the other stays with the guests. During the speeches we can capture all your guests’ reactions - not possible with one camera.
For extra services, we can decode your video into different formats like USB, iPhone, iPad for £5 each   or Video Live Stream your wedding ceremony real time for £100.
However, if you’re still not satisfied, we can customize your special day. If you only want us to film your ceremony for an hour with one camera, just ask so we make sure that you are not paying for anything that you don't want. This will enable you to get a wedding video, made just for you.
In conclusion, our goal is to offer our clients the best quality from a professional team – and all at a reasonable price.
We look forward to serving you.