Patreon - get audience trust!
Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo raise funds for projects.
Patreon is important not just as fundraising, but as "audience validation": it is proof that
what you are creating (and how you speak about it to others) is of value. It should inspire
you to create. It should make you feel accountable to others who are, each in their small
ways, sustaining your ability to continue providing value to the world.
The "Product" You're Already Making Patreon works best when you're inviting people to support work that you're already producing.
If you can, list your Patreon account with your works; that way, your work serves as a
business card, extending its ability to fund itself.
In the world of internet marketing, it has been said that you should give away 3 items for
free for every 1 ask you make to raise money because those freebies allow you to generate
buzz about your work.
Think beyond what you're officially creating to spin-off products as well, such as
documentation of your journey.
this kind of information could become valuable if you
want to share it with your audience, especially those who are either currently on the
platform or are considering it.
Get people on board even if you have to informally do something in return, like buy them a coffee.
In your messaging (especially for the video but in your profile text as well), tell us the following things:

1. What you love to do

2. How we can get involved in what you love to do (how we can help)

3. How what you love to do contributes to the world (or at least for your audience)

4. How our help impacts what you do

5. Optional: What patronage is about for you