COURAGE PAY (St Koff) – Music Video Script

The music video is to be filmed in the studio using white and green background.
The singer performing the song is surrounded by other musicians, African dancers and a lady singing the chorus; it will be mixed with the story line.

The song is about the advice and lessons of becoming an adult that parents are giving to theirs son.

On a Friday morning, an 18-year-old boy is sleeping in his bed; he is dreaming about being a professional football player.

He wakes up and has breakfast that his mother prepared for him. He looks sleepy.

His father comes to speak with his son.  It’s a wakeup call for the boy. He needs to organise his life and find a job to have money for his own expenses, to start looking after himself. It’s time to get going on finding a job. His parents tells him to have courage; he has to be motivated and brave to go find his first job.

While walking on the street, he sees people running to catch a bus to work. Crowds of people are rushing to be the first to catch an overloaded tube during the rush hour.

Everywhere he goes he can see hard-working people. He pays more attention to see what kind of responsibilities people have in their jobs. He can see people who work hard every day: cleaning the street, delivering early-morning newspapers and leaflets. A postman collects letters. Girls work in the coffee shop, making sandwiches and selling them. A waiter takes an order and a chef prepares food. A kitchen porter mops the floor and cleans dishes.

The young man sits in the park and starts thinking about the lesson he had from his parents earlier that day. He decides to grow up, to listen to this advice and to start earning money. He starts to be more confident and to believe that he can make it.

With this new-found confidence, he asks for any available job in a number of places. He speaks with the manager of a restaurant after he saw a “Staff Needed” note on the window. He’s lucky and can start his work as a kitchen porter straight away.

Changing into staff clothes, he goes to the kitchen to do his work.
When pay day comes, the manager invites him to his office to pay his wage. He gives an envelope with money. The boy opens it and starts to dance. He is very happy.

On the way back home he joins his friends playing football in the park.

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