Student needs success in exams, job seeker needs success for getting job, job holder needs success to continue in their job and strive for promotion and better opportunities and businessman needs success to raise their business to new heights in the market. In all these situations everyone is in tension till they do not succeed in their mission. The common thing in all successful man is that every time they are ready to accept challenges and face the challenges very boldly because means they are confident enough that they will be able to tackle the situation. They do not fear from challenges and do not flee away from their responsibilities. They do not face challenges boldly but also involve themselves fully till they don’t achieve their mission this means that they have patience and are not disturbed by the problems. Thus self confidence and patience are the two important keys with which one can unlock the door of his or her success.

But where does this confidence come from?
The answer to this question is confidence comes through preparation. This means if you are prepared enough to face a challenge your confidence level will automatically go high. And this confidence is the path to move towards success. Example: If a student has prepared all the topics of his subject then his confidence level goes high and he is ready to face the exams without any fear in mind and if other conditions (like not meeting with an accident or any other uncertainties like allocation of enough time to cover the exams) goes well the student is sure to achieve success in the exams. Similarly of a businessman is comfortable in all the functions of his business he will be confident to negotiate with his customers and provide them full satisfaction by fulfilling his commitments and thus he can raise his business to new heights.

How could raise your confidence level?
Firstly you could raise your confidence level by continuously improving your key areas and strengthening your key areas. Always prefer the company of those people who cold help raise your confidence level.

What role does patience play in your success?
Patience makes you strong enough to withstand yourself in your job, fulfill your promises and convert your opportunities to your achievements. Example: If a business person who is a distributor of any product should have patience to wait for favorable conditions of market and sell his product at right time. The student in exams should do their questions patiently and should allocate the required time to each question in case of subjective exams because excitement can be the cause of his failure.