Believe it or not, there are plenty of opportunities out there
for you to get your written materials free of charge, for free
advertising space, and free business advice.

For free advertising space, many publications will write an
article about you or your product if you purchase advertising
space with them. One way publications sell advertising space is
to agree that if the advertiser purchases the ad, he will also
receive a certain amount of free editorial space. This free
editorial space essentially doubles the amount of space you get
for a given amount of money. This editorial space is devoted to
an article about the company or individual or product, and it has
the added cachet of seeming to be work of an outside source. The
editorial company be written by the publication staff, or the
advertiser may provide the copy.

Press releases can be another excellent source of free space. A
well-written press release on an interesting subject will attract
the editor's interest. The editor may even follow up with a phone
call for more details. The result can be anything from a
paragraph to a feature article. All this comes for the price of
mailing the release. Keep in mind that you want to target the
publication that write about the kinds of things you are doing.