Lens Converters for Sony Cameras (E-mount)

Lately, Sony Alpha 7R was reviewed on our site. Converters that are presented below will naturally enhance its performance. Similarly, worthy converters for different models are mentioned as well, so that you can decide which type of converters will fit your camera and mostly your budget.
Sony Alpha 7R, the full-frame interchangeable lens camera will astonish you with a simple detail: it has a lens mount based on the NEX pattern, called FE. This means that all Sony NEX compatible E mount lenses will complete your new camera, without any adaptor, so you will save money without even expecting it. Unfortunately, your joy will end soon you will press the button for a photo, you will notice that the frame is automatically cropped, since the NEX compatible E mount lens covers only the APS-C format. All in all, the resolution will be reduced to 15MP on Alpha 7R and 10MP on Alpha 7, making look like quite disappointing, comparing with the original specifications that stirred your interest. In order to get rid of this unpleasant sensation, you can purchase a new FE mount lens, compatible with both NEX and Alpha 7 cameras. Sony's strategy is quite mysterious, if not irritating customers. Alpha 7 includes the only possibility of a 27-70mm FE lens, estimated at $1.999 (starting with this December), while Alpha 7R, the flagship, does not come with a proper kit lens, it's up to customers to find suitable 35 mm lenses issued by other manufacturers, estimated at $1.600-$1.700. 
Owners of Sony A-mount lenses can use their adapters to improve the new cameras, in fact the new LA-EA3 or LA-EA4 lens adapters perform the same thing as old LA-EA1 or LA-EA2 implied for NEX cameras. The Asian manufacturer also prepared you Sony Alpha full frame E mount lenses, such as FE 28-70mm; Zeiss 35 mm (estimated at $800) and Vario Tessar 24-70mm updated with full automation thanks to Sony LA EA4 adaptor. All models are weather-sealed, performing an optical stabilization during the harshest conditions outside.
In the arena of old models, if you own a Sony NEX camera, for just $270-$280, you can update it with Sony A-Mount lens, based on an outstanding technology, featuring a translucent mirror effect to your work. By attaching those mount lenses to you camera, you will also obtain constant phase detection AF, essential if you are interesting in capturing a dynamic detail or if you wish to video record. So that your joy might be complete, thanks to these lenses you will be able to encapsulate both still and video capture. Just attach the NEX camera mount adapter and you will have in your hands a camera similar to Alpha series.
Similarly to Sony LA-EA1, its brother LA-EA2 ($150) basically creates the same effect, with the exception of the translucent mirror and the phase detection feature. Theoretically, A-mount lenses with autofocus can be attached to any NEX camera, mostly NEX-3 and NEX-5, all you need it to release your creativity. The LA-EA1 A mount adapter includes Auto Exposure support and a detachable tripod, so your shooting sessions might be more flexible.
Canon EF lens for Sony NEX E are among the most affordable accessories for your camera, estimated at $30. Canon's kit is completed by a tripod, that incorrectly connected to your camera might cause unexpected damage. Canon EF lens are able to create an unmatched focus to infinity, but for this impressive view it's possible to also purchase macro rings and other Canon accessories.
If Sony and Canon's accessories are mostly positive received, Techart lens adapter caused difficulty to Sony customers. Estimated at $250, cheaper than its rival, Metabones, is compatible with Sony Nex-6, but its autofocus faces some limitations, concerning the speed implied, slower than using a Sony E mount lens. If you are in the wild and you wish to settle for the shooting, you might find it difficult to fix your tripod, since it's almost fixed, sitting lower than the camera itself, as consequence you can damage it by accident. The good thing about this accessory is that it allows you to change the lens aperture in few seconds, even when you are video recording. If you wish to use the autofocus, Techart Auto Focusing Canon EOS EF-SE lens adapter will simply use your camera's inherent contrast.      
Sony is rumored to launch a series of full frame FE lenses for macro photography and ultra wide angle shooting by the end of 2014, in order to fully support its new cameras, Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R.